The Battle Ready System The Battle Ready System

FORGED in BATTLE WWII vehicles are designed to be the simplest and easiest models to construct, whilst providing top quality and variety at the lowest prices –
Our “Battle Ready System” cuts the time from opening the box to playing your first game down to the bare minimum.

Resin bodies - All vehicle hulls/bodies plus wheels and/or tracks are cast on a base in a single resin piece. This eliminates many of the problems of traditional white metal kits…
- squashing,
- tapering,
- ovalisation,
- mould lines,
- flash and
- poor fit of parts.
We believe our models are the most accurate and best proportioned on the market.

White metal details
We have also worked to reduce the number of small parts, which can be difficult to put together and so vulnerable on the table top.

For example, our tank commanders + cupolas + hatches are cast in one piece. If you don’t want the commander, we provide an alternative cupola with the hatches cast in the closed position.

Many artillery pieces are cast in one piece – carriage, wheels, breech, shield and crew.
- quick to build,
- easy to paint and
- much more “survivable” on the miniature battlefield!

Despite the simplicity of these kits, our multi-packs provide you with all the variety you’ll need to give your miniature army that authentic look.

Take our PzIVH platoon pack. You get four of the Wehrmacht’s archetypal workhorse medium tank, but everyone is different – no two packs will be the same!
They all have differing degrees of battle damage: Some have a full set of Schurzen anti-bazooka plates, but most have different plates damaged or missing.
Just like the real thing…but they are “Battle Ready”,  straight out of the box!
Just a one piece casting – so, no fiddly bits dropping of  mid-game!

Our Infantry Miniatures
Designed to contain lots of variety.  Cast in Pewter and some of the most affordable and high quality miniatures on the market today.

We hope you will agree that the
“Battle Ready System”
 from FORGED in BATTLE offers the best quality and the most competitive prices in 15mm WWII gaming

Forged In Battle