About Us


A quick history-

Forged in Battle made for War! Or at least Wargaming.

Established in 2007 Forged in Battle (FiB) grew steadily, becoming a major supplier of 15mm WWII tanks and miniatures.

In 2014 we took FiB to Kickstarter, the crowd funding website. This is where we experienced a massive explosion in the growth of the company. Our War & Empire range grew from six armies, to over twenty. Throughout the course of a year we designed, sculpted, moulded and manufactured over half a million miniatures!


Who are we?

Andy Cooper

Head of Design and MD at Forged in Battle. Andy has a whole lot of experience in the miniatures business, having worked within the industry for over thirty years. One of the best commercial sculptors, Andy has worked for many companies over the years and Forged in Battle is the culmination of all his experience. FiB is his baby.

Wendy Cooper

General Manager MD. Wendy runs the business, no small task looking after everything and staying sane........

Andrew Rawling

Straight line Modeller/Sculptor and Chief Mould Maker. Andrew makes our extraordinary tanks and equipment.


Forged in Battle Staff

Martin, Lee, Dave and Chris, without these guys there would be no toys at all.