• WE-RULE01 War & Empire Rule Book

The War & Empire Rules - Warfare in the Ancient World, will be released

very soon.  If you would like to be one of the first to purchase a copy from the first print run, be sure to send us an email to mail@forgedinbattle.co.uk.  We will add you to our mailing list, to be advised soonest on the release date. 

War & Empire is a tabletop miniatures ruleset designed primarily with 15mm miniatures in mind. In fact that’s exactly where our story starts with a range of 15mm Ancients miniatures, which grew from the Macedonian and Punic Wars through the Legions of Rome and then on to the Dark Ages.

Forged in Battle started this journey six years ago with our first Kickstarter Project aptly named War & Empire! There followed two more projects on Kickstarter, and I have to say, a miniatures range of this scope and depth would not have been possible without the support of Kickstarter.  We have now (July 2020) successfully completed fulfilment of all three hugely successful Kickstarters for War & Empire.  We are now delighted to take this lovely new section of the range for Dark Ages, together with the War & Empire Rules to Retail release.  Release date to be advised soon.

We set out to create a set of rules that could achieve a tabletop result in an evening’s gaming, were not IGO/UGO and introduced a combat results mechanism based that was not predictable but gave an element of uncertainty and allowed for the ‘Hollywood’ moments in a game that we all like to reminisce about.   

Designed to be quick to play with the ability to move a number of units at the same time; an army is made up of a number of units with each unit comprising of a number of bases e.g. an Imperial Roman Legionary Cohort is made up of 4 bases with 4 figures on each base.   The basing system we have uses the 40mm frontage used by many other rule sets such as ADLG, FOG, DBA etc.

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WE-RULE01 War & Empire Rule Book

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